Friday, 6 November 2015

Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon


A sports orthopedic surgeon treats a broad spectrum of athletic injuries in both children and adults, not only in a formal context like in campuses and professional leagues but also in recreational sports such as golf and tennis. Sports medicine is as important as the other field of orthopaedic medicine; for this division has performed more than 3,000 procedures a year such as arthroscopic procedures on the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.
There are numerous procedures that a sports orthopaedic performs. Examples areelbow and knee arthroscopy, total knee replacement, hip arthroscopy andhip replacement. This type of orthopedist is a hero to the athletes whose careers are preserved or have been revived. A sports orthopaedic surgeon may not be the doctor to save someone from cancer; but he can save an athlete’s bone health to have a lucrative sports career and have a successful life in his chosen field.
A sports orthopaedic surgeon treats conditions mainly that affect the athletes. Their primary priority is preservation than immediately resorting to surgery.
Athletes ought to be well taken care of for they bring honor to their nation when they win an award from a tournament they get themselves into. They are our role models on how to live a healthy and productive life. When they suffer an injury, they can lose their vigor and motivation to carry on. But because of sportsorthopaedic surgeon, they can knee-xraybounce back and have a fresh start.
I believe that an orthopaedic surgeon does not only repair the impaired ligament, joint or bone tissue of an injured athlete; they also repair their self esteem and boost their morals to get back on the game and be at their best.
There are many advanced medical procedures that are being done nowadays that used to be impossible like the knee arthroscopy which is an outpatient procedure. With the use of state of the art medical instruments the treatment are made easier and the healing is faster.
Dr. Simon Coffey is a surgeon who is an expert of knee and hip surgery and sports related cases. He does ligament reconstruction; he treats knee and hip injuries which are caused by sports activities. These are only some examples of what he can do. His patients would agree that he does an excellent job in treating them. Their bones and knee-bonesligaments are in good hands.
Sports medicine is said to be the division of orthopaedic medicine that integrates, the clinical, educational and investigational factors of injuries related to sports, to treat athletes who plays in high school, college and on a professional basis. Plus recreational athletes in all age group.
An orthopaedic surgeon saves sports career….

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