Friday, 23 September 2016

Some of the Conditions Knee Arthroscopy is Used to Treat and Diagnose

Arthrscopy of the knee is a common operation and there are more than 100,0000 Knee Arthroscopies performed every year in Australia. The procedure is generally a Day-Day hospital visit, performed often, though not always, under a general anaesthetic.

- Torn cartilage or meniscus: treated by trimming back the torn cartilage
- Loose, floating bodies: removal of loose cartilage or bone
- Knee-cap, (patello-femoral), disorders
- Washing infected knee joint
- General diagnostic purposes

Knee arthroscopy is most commonly recommended after you begin to consistently avoid regular lifestyle activities because of knee pain. Though, there are some medical conditions which can interfere with your doctor's decision to go ahead with arthroscopy.

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